As faith becomes firm, most believers gain confidence that God will handle everything for them (especially their career)…then there’s that another group — which I belong to — that tends to ask Him in every career move whether the plan in mind is what God really wants for him/her.

In terms of faith, I am that kind who overthinks, who is in a hurry to do something, and clearly, too scared to do anything without God’s obvious nod. I do believe in Him, but my scientific mindset somehow molds me to search for evidence. …

Hi! I’m currently working on the rationale behind the answers for the NMAT Sample Test Questionnaire. I’ll be posting part by part so as to prevent lengthy pieces. Let me know your thoughts about the rationale — I’m open for suggestions!

This one is for Induction Reasoning, a portion of part I-B.

*** left: answer, right: rationale.


Republic Act № 10963 or Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law is enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in Congress (i.e. legislative), and is signed by the President[1] for compliance of all residents in the Philippines. The President has appointed Department of Finance for its effective implementation[2] while the Bureau of Internal Revenue issues the implementing rules and regulations and advisories to provide details on and clarify the implementation of the changes introduced under the TRAIN.

TRAIN is the first package of the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program (CTRP) aimed to redesign our tax system to…

As what we learned from the part 1 of this article, it’s possible for us to pinpoint which world philosophy best represents us.

However, some of these world philosophies are adapted and merged to form schools of thought in the philosophy of education. Let’s talk more about them.

World philosophies are merged to form some of the educational philosophies.

1) Essentialism refers to the “traditional” or “Back to the Basics” approach to education. It is so named because it strives to instill students with the “essentials” of academic knowledge and character development.

“Gripping and enduring interests frequently grow out of initial learning efforts that are not appealing or attractive.” …

Before continuing with this read, please answer the quiz here to know which education philosophy you may belong to.

I learned in my Instructional Design class that there are four main educational philosophies: Essentialism, Progressivism, Perennialism, and Existentialism.

In this article, I would like to share the key points that struck me the most:

  1. Each of us belongs to a certain philosophical group, albeit you can be eclectic.
  2. The five can be mashed-up to form a super team — where each can display their strength by playing a certain role at any given task.
  3. Philosophy facilitates or suggests an personal…

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My article may not represent the Filipino culture but I think this is something that we — the younger generation — should express, at least.

Filipino parents are one of the toughest household raising creatures in the world, don’t you agree?

Being a 90’s kid and the eldest, I was raised with alternating belt-and-slipper method of discipline and influenced to enjoy Air Supply, Michael Learns to Rock and Britney Spears. My early years are of hide-and-seek and “Patintero” games after waking up from a mandatory 1 to 4 p.m. nap. …

Roughly turning a month after my first day as a MS Pharmacy student at the University of the Philippines — Manila (UPM), there are things I wish I actively knew even before I considered submitting my papers. Originally, I see this milestone as a way towards my dream-before-profession: Becoming a pharmaceutical scientist.

Here’s a short list that may help you, potential MS students:

  1. You have to love to read a lot

I am not talking about reading novels or feature articles. That one’s easy.

In master’s, professors expect you to do self-learning which means, in the first few weeks of…

I am deeply sorry.

For the roads that have no sidewalks and decent streetlamps. An old jeepney, with its dying headlight, can side-sweep you and not even know you were there. A pair of robbers or handful of rapists find safety in the many blind spots of the roadside — while you, threats. A group of men will still enjoy catcalling and may someday bravely touch you because no security camera shies them.

Sorry if you have to risk your life every day and grow numb to it.

Neither an amputated leg nor a baby wrapped in soiled clothes can…

Last Sunday, Jo Alfafara, a pastor of Citichurch here in Cebu City, told us about heart-cry. It is something that bothers you so much, you just want to do something about it.

He shared a story of a missionary couple that ended up turning their home into a kennel. Because it bothers them that people just abandon the animals once they grow up to be less cute and more troublesome, they decided to commit in adopting and taking care of stray dogs.

Well, in my case, what bothers me is the prevalent employment bias in the Philippines. I know I…

There are silent problems with this national government agency. And the public has to know.

  1. FDA has two versions of its website — old and new.

What should be a government agency be so hyped about with the launching of its “new-and-improved” website when it is obviously not ready? I mean, just look at it:

Many links lead to nowhere. What’s with the “US flags” banner? Hmm.

I think what we need the most is an efficient website — the one that contains updated and organized documents, and does not crash. It’s a downer that E-portal and F5 (shortcut key to refresh page) are seasonal best friends.

We need a website that…

Joyce Gem

Hi! Finally had the guts to write for the public :) ENTP | RPh | Learner

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